Your Baggage Will Be Posted Below

By sharing your issues, you might just make a connection with someone else who is going through the same thing.

Each character in baggage is dealing with a past they are trying to overcome. Now, it's your turn.
Regrets? Lessons Learned? Venting Sessions? Deep Dark Secrets?
Do you have your own personal Amanda Gold
(the dream girl who the lead character was afraid to approach)?
Feel free to unload everything.
All baggage is welcome in this unloading zone.


SANDY: "You got any regrets?... I was watching Barbara Walters the
other night. She's always asking people that question. Do you
know what their answer is 100% of the time? No... No regrets.
Just once, I want her to ask that question to someone and for
them to say, yeah, well Barbara, actually, I do have some regrets. I do."




-I think most of us carry along "baggage" from our high school years. I had free tickets to Grease film when it first came out, in about '78, and actually had the guts to call one of the nicest, most popular guys in school. He ended up not going, but at least I did something. There are other times when we have moments we can take the chance and approach someone and we don't. And, I think most of us are harder on ourselves than others are, like Martin.