Kept top secret for over half a decade, and only known among key industry insiders,
the time for Baggage may soon arrive on DVD. Stay Tuned.


Sandy (M. Emmet Walsh) asks his old classmate, Emily
(Mariette Hartley) to runaway with him. Will she oblige?

From a simple idea of one person accidentally picking up the
wrong suitcase, Baggage gradually evolves into a story which
uplifts the human spirit.

Set in the San Fernando Valley, it's a journey of three men
who unknowingly interact, cause significant changes in each
other's lives, and ultimately learn what it takes to find happiness inside.

A 28-year-old struggling writer re-evaluates his life when he returns home for his best friend's wedding. A retired man tracks down an old high-school love and becomes reconciled with his own family. And a teenage boy breaks free of his bad-news friend and begins his first romantic relationship.
Martin (Christina Leffler) finds the phone number of a
blind man (Vincent Schiavelli) in Sandy's suitcase.

Tyler (Spencer Vrooman) gathers up the courage to
approach Monica (Alexi Wasser) at an 80s party.

By letting go of their respective emotional "baggage",
all of these characters are introduced to a newfound
freedom and infinite possibilities for the rest of their lives.

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